• Jonathon Kimble
  • Dave Beckwith
  • Judson Beckwith
  • Jonnie Wagner
  • Louis Bonfante
  • Dustin Shidaker
  • Lauren Johns
  • Michael Maloof
  • Eric Hillenbrand
  • JB Shugarts
  • Mary Sobecki
  • Jeff Kimble
  • Chris Ewry
  • Rollie Barnes
  • Louis J. Bonfante
  • Kyle Rase
  • Amy Wiley
  • Joey Parizek
  • Chelsea Weller
  • Nick Schneider
  • Austin Barnard
  • Vince "The Golden Goose"

    Jonathon Kimble plays Vince "The Golden Goose". Vince has evolved into the primary assassin for the Lennox family syndicate. His reputation has essentially become that of street lore. Up until his disappearance, Vince was the most trusted and valuable asset of the organization. He is calm, ruthless, and has a general apathy about the world in which he operates. That apathy gets increasingly shaken by a shift in his perspective on life.

    Jonathon grew up in the Toledo, Ohio area making videos as a child. He wrote directed and starred in his first feature length film, IMMINENCE during his Sophmore year at college.

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